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Boulevard Beanie

My name is Jennie Stewart and I am a part time MOA (medical office assistant), a part time crochet and knit designer, and now a part time BLOGGER! I live with my husband in a small apartment in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. I love the anonymity of big city living (our city has close to 400k people) and I love visiting new places so that I can just blend into the local scene. (Expect to see some travel posts on the blog!)

Growing up I was always doing some type of craft or DIY- so it wasn’t surprising when I fell in love with fiber arts. I was introduced to this craft partly by my boyfriend (now husband) and partly by my late grandma. My interest in knitting and crocheting appeared just as she passed away, so even though I was able to adopt her crochet hooks and knitting needles, I was never able to share this hobby with her.

For ME, the purpose of this blog/website is to have a space to explore something new, to discuss what I am passionate about, and to continue working towards a dream.

For YOU (which is the most important part of this), I hope that this blog/website will be a safe place for you to come and enjoy your creative life. A place to feel heard and someone to relate to, a place for you to partake in free content, promotions, and resources for your life.

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